The first major investment in the AMLO government: Nestlé announces plant


With $ 154 million usd, the company will start a plant to process 20,000 tons of coffee and create jobs in the country’s countryside and capital.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador received at the National Palace Fausto Costa, president of Nestlé, who announced an investment of 154 million dollars to build a new plant in Veracruz.

“Today I received Fausto Costa, CEO of Nestlé. He informed me that in Veracruz they will build a plant to process 20,000 tons of coffee, with an initial investment of 154 million dollars and the creation of jobs in the countryside and the city, “López Obrador said in a video.

The president stressed that the work to be carried out by the company is “very good for the development of the country because of the jobs it will generate”.

“And we are fortunate to present President Andrés Manuel with Nestlé’s global investment for Mexico. It is a new coffee factory to grow production in the country, “said Costa.

Source: Forbes

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