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Mazatlan: They will not allow loud music after 02:00 hours

Citizens may report their neighbor who plays loud music after 2 am

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The Department of Public Safety of Mazatlan will be enforcing noise regulation.

Librado Díaz Morales, Administrative Deputy Director and Legal Coordinator of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, said that sometimes they receive complaints reporting a party that started in the afternoon and continues during the early hours or sometimes the band stops playing when the sun rises.

He stressed that it is allowed to hold parties only until 02:00 hours. He said that after that time if they receive a complaint, the police will come to ask the partygoers to lower their noise, this is because sometimes in the neighbors’ house there are minors, elderly people or some sick person who needs quiet to sleep.

He stated that if necessary, that person who does not comply with the order will be sanctioned.

He said that the noisy people have filed complaints against Human Rights because they claim that they are violating their right to fun, but the offended must understand that they are affecting third parties with the high volume of the bands or other electronic devices.

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