URGENT:  The Immaculate Elderly Nursing Home needs your support and donations


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The Immaculate Elderly Nursing Home requires constant support through donations, both in kind and economically , to get out of the current expenditure for the care of grandparents .

This is because only the average monthly expense per grandparent attended by the institution amounts to 10 thousand pesos, which totals an expenditure of 320 thousand pesos per month , having a pattern of 32 seniors, reported Laura Amor Flores Gutiérrez, Asylum administrator.

The above consists of three meals a day, two snacks, laundry services and medicines for the special care that every elderly person requires, including physical therapies.

Added to this, he said, there are operating expenses such as electricity equivalent to 15 thousand to 16 thousand pesos a month, when not all rooms have air conditioners.

What is food, water services, electricity, gas, cleaning products, some medicines, all that we are occupying, then that is where all the donations in kind that come to us raise us completely, so yes, what we ask is that they continue helping us in that sense.

Laura Amor Flores Gutiérrez, administrator of the Asylum for the Elderly.

All this, detailed, put as a goal for the institution a collection of the order of 250 thousand pesos per month, between donations and cash flow, which when it is achieved is made to lugs.

“Between donations and cash we have to handle round numbers of 250 thousand pesos a month, we manage to achieve growth, there are months that we do, and there are months that we do not, and we have to do without some services,” he said.

Flores Gutiérrez added that the support of volunteers and social service in nursing and general work lighten the expenditure of the institution, however, reiterated that the support of the citizens is the strength of Asylum.

“The public responds excellently but that is a constant, we always have to be looking for support, cleaning products, food, because it is something that is consumed again, what we want is to establish something in a sustainable way, that is continuous, “he said.

He specified that among the activities they carry out and want to make permanent are rounds, breakfast with cause, among others.

Source: el sol de mazatlan, Noah Lentz Creative Media

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