‘La Noria’ offers artisan and gastronomy fair on Sundays


La Noria, Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Since last August, residents of this union, located to the north, a few kilometers from the port, prepare every Sunday with food and crafts that offer in the gastronomic and craft Tianguis “La Noria my beloved town” _

La Noria, Mazatlán.- Band music happily welcomes this town. The notes of “Arriba La Noria”, “Mi gusto es” and “El Sinaloense” give visitors and locals a sense of belonging.

It’s Sunday, around 11:00. Two hours before, in the shed of the place began to settle around a score of small posts, in which locals offer food and handmade products made with their own hands.

A huge canvas announces that this Sunday pilgrimage is the gastronomic and artisanal Tianguis “La Noria mi pueblo querido”.

The stands become a kind of fence that encloses at least 18 plastic tables dressed in colorful tablecloths.

Each of them has four chairs and some are already occupied by tourists and locals who move their jaws peacefully.

The band of the town is mounted in the kiosk of the small square. From there, twelve young musicians sing “La Cuichi”, “Five of gum” and dedicate “Las mañanitas” to a casual birthday boy.

No one can resist a walk through the posts. On a table is a milk container containing piznate water, a fresh drink made from corn and brown sugar. There is also space for some clay pots with stews for exquisite tacos made with tortillas that go from the comal to the table.

The band continues to play and the singer sings “La feria de las flores”. The aromatic route continues while the mouth becomes water and the stomach roars.

In another five positions, women with an easy smile offer tamale of shrimp and picadillo, pies of pumpkin, cajeta, pineapple, and guava.

There is also cheese and cottage cheese, cajeta and burnt milk that are kept fresh with ice cubes on top of their containers.

The adults wander without worry, calm, because they know where the little ones are: they are a few steps away, entertaining, fun and supervised by Dolores Peraza in the “Club Kids”.

In that small space, under the trees of the square and next to the concrete benches, the kids paint plaster figures, eat popcorn, peanuts, and some goodies while they take the artist inside to give life and color to the image.

Follow the tour of craving and admiration. Another stand shows costume jewelry made with natural products; Pumpkin, sunflower, bean, tabachin, pistachio shell, copalquin, San Juan balls, and even bugambilias seeds are transformed into colorful and colorful earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Leticia Marchén Osuna graciously attends to potential clients and shares with them her plans to set up a workshop in the village to produce these products, and she intends to employ 15 women.

In the following stalls there are belts, huaraches for lady, articles made with wood like springs painted with cheerful motives, a bule that has shaped an impressive drawing and saddles.

Two men chat and one says to the other: “Did you see, there is tequila?” And the other suggests after smiling guiltily: “let’s prove it”.

The exhibitor explains the price and type of products he sells, while encouraging the two gentlemen to continue tasting the drink of ancestral origin.

In La Noria, Los Osuna tequila is made since 1876 and 42 people work in its distillery, including those in the field.

More ahead there are fresh waters and other appetizers such as shrimp ceviche, buñuelos, caramel cactus, pumpkin and vanilla.

The excursion of the sinful taste, of the craving, ends at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, while the music plays, the mouth water and the gut groans.

Come to La Noria on a Sunday. This is land with history, creators and an exquisite seasoning. Bring your money that the adventure of taste is worth it!

Source: sinaloa hoy
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