Outlook for Mexico foreign investment continues to look bright


Despite the uncertainty caused by the impending change of government, the outlook for investments in Mexico is positive for the Mexican economy. There is a positive and open environment with the new federal government.

According to experts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Mexican economy will grow 1.4% in the first year of the new federal administration, since Mexico has all the favorable environment for investors: the lowest inflation in 60 years, low interest rates, positive international reserves, still manageable public debt .

Although 2018 was an election year, foreign investment in Mexico grew 14% between January and June of the current year , reaching 17, 841 million dollars, while, in the same period, but the year 2017, an investment of 15,645 million pesos was had, this was confirmed in a statement by the Ministry of Economy.


Foreign investment was positive for Mexico this 2018

According to the Ministry of Economy, the accumulated between the first and second quarter of this year is due to the participation of foreign capital.

These participations come from type and investment, through profits, new investments and inter-company accounts; and by sectors, such as manufacturing, the generation of electricity, water, gas, commerce, and mining,

  • Second quarter: 6.727 million dollars, which represents 19.7% more than in the same quarter last year.
  • Total, collected from January to September of the current year: 24,174.4 million dollars, an amount greater than the previous year which was 21,754.9 million dollars.

With these positive figures, Mexico provides confidence to future investors and projects in Mexico.

Various specialized media in economic analysis point out that, in 2019, through the demand to find new storage and handling methods, the data processing market will attract greater investments .

Investment in public works that seek economic growth is also considered as part of the sectors where there will be a greater investment. The investment will be the key for the Mexican economy to continue as one of the few economies with sustained growth, reaching an annual average in the last 10 years of 2.2%.

Source: Ministry of Economy

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