Now Available: The Real Estate Green Book for Mazatlan in 2018


Through the Libro Verde, those who seek to acquire a property in Mazatlan have actual sold property data  based on the neighborhood.

The Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) Mazatlan section has released the Libro Verde for 2018 in order to promote an information tool to all of us who are dedicated to Real Estate, but that benefit the entire Real Estate Sector and all the citizens of Mazatlan in general, New Libro Verde 2019 coming out around March, you can adjust for inflation of 6% for new 2019 statistics.

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The Libro Verde is a compilation of average market values by areas of our entire city, based on our experiences of transactions carried out during the year.

This Libro Verde will serve as a guide to give an idea of market value estimation in the different areas in which the city is subdivided, both for local, regional and foreign buyers and investors, but above all for the owners of land and lots of Mazatlan. For this update, we will put the direct costs of construction for all types of works without including utility of the constructor to serve as a parameter for calculating a value estimate, of course without prejudice to use the professional services of Real Estate Appraisers.

It will be a kind of Blue Book used by car agencies to sell cars, where a minimum value is established, which in the case of our Libro Verde will be the Cadastral Value approved for 2018 by the Municipal Cadastre Board of which we are its members and an Average Market Value based on notarial sales transactions.

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This is a project of AMPI Nacional, but each section is carried out in its respective city, in AMPI Mazatlán, our President LAE. Cristina Velarde is responsible for this project and we have formed a working group where we will concretize Technical Analysis actions to propose Average Market Values, Promotion, and Sale of advertising spaces to suppliers and/or members of the real estate sector and of course Design and Printing of this Libro Verde.

We believe that this project will be very useful for the Real Estate Sector and for  any citizen of Mazatlan for the following reasons:

1.- Any person will know the Cadastral Value of the area where he lives and will verify this on his property ticket to make his fair payment correspondent.

2.- The agents, brokers and real estate developers will have timely information to calculate the payment of the ISR in the transactions of notarial purchase, knowing the Cadastre Value of the area of the land and the final amount of the real estate purchase, having the cadastral or commercial value parameters of the land and the construction cost of the area, depending on the quality of the property.

3.- All property owners can have an estimate of the average market value of their properties in the city of Mazatlan, which limits the speculation and fattening of land and will prevent the overvaluation of real estate.

4.- Any buyer or investor interested in acquiring a property, may have an idea of the average market value of that lot or property and propose fair purchase offers.

It should be noted that our Libro Verde does not replace the professional work of Real Estate Appraisers since it will only serve as a Consultation Guide and an estimate of surface value.

This Libro Verde will go on sale with a minimum cost in convenience stores in Mazatlan, Culiacán and Durango and it is likely that we will implement a digital version this time, it can be purchased directly in our AMPI Mazatlan office or in our real estate portal:



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