A Culinary Experience 1 hour from Mazatlan


Being able to enjoy internationally renowned chef food just minutes from Mazatlan is not something that happens every day and this is what the Cardon Culinary experience makes available during this 2nd Culinary Experience that is offered from November to March.

It really is an experience.

I had the opportunity to go to the Cardon Adventure Resort  to experience a bit of what this culinary experience is about and I have to say it is really an experience since you arrive at this hotel that is located in Celestino Gasca in the neighboring municipality of Elota north of Mazatlan

Since you enter the hotel you can see that it is for people who like the sea, surfing, and the good life, this for the details in their pictures with waves, the paintings in the bathroom of a man or a woman on a table, You pass the restaurant and you find the pool and the beach.

Surfboards and paddles are available to guests in one of the hotel’s corridors.

It even makes you want to stay to enjoy the peace that the place gives you, but we were there to eat. That’s why they gave us some drinks and an aguachile while all the people arrived.

The food, the most important thing.

Although we do not have to meet Chef Drew Deckman, a Michelin-starred chef or one of the chefs who will be invited, he answered our questions and cooked some dishes with Chef Andrés Salazar, who is the right hand of Drew Deckman in his restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe and here in the Cardon.

A sustainable Culinary Experience

The culinary experience is a sustainable experience where you cook with what you have around you, the fish and shellfish were fished a few hours before arriving at our table, all the vegetables and vegetables were brought by local organic producers, this makes the food have another flavor because of the freshness of its ingredients.

There are 14 times that make up the experience and it is divided into 4 elements (Water, earth, wind, and fire), I only provide the first element because I had to go, so I will talk about Water.

Being a few meters away from the beach, having seen how the oysters came out of the sea, the sound of the waves and accompanied by a craft beer is when you realize why they call it culinary experience.

I have to confess that I’m not a fan of oysters but I was not going to pass the opportunity to taste the food, I took a bite of Celestial oysters that the Chef had just prepared and I was glad to have ventured to eat them. Then they continued some toast of fish crush, they were delicious and finally a fish with lobster salad and avocado mousse.

After this, the other elements continued, which I did not try, but I’m sure they were equally delicious and will stimulate all your senses for the flavors, smells, atmosphere, conviviality and the incredible view.

The Chefs of the culinary experience

The Gastronomic Experience is in charge of Chef Drew Deckman, the chef who obtained a Michelin star, with more than 10 years sharing kitchens with Paul Bocuse, Jacques Maximin, Gilles DuPont and Tommy Byrne. Deckman is currently a chef at the Mogor located in Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California.

During the culinary experience at the Cardon, Chef Diego Becerra (Presidio Restaurant), Lula Martin Del Campo, Chef Ángel Vázquez (Intro Restaurant), Chef Lalo García (Maximo Bistro) and Chef Enrique Olvera (Pujol y Cosme )

To reserve the culinary experience and check costs you can do it from the website of El Cardon Adventure Resort 

Culinary Experience at the Cardon

The culinary experience at the Cardon includes a night of lodging, transportation from Mazatlan (you have to request it), a 14-course dinner with wine or beer pairing and breakfast the next day.

Source: MazatlecoCardon Resort

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