Taco Tuesday: FABULOUS noodle taquitos, chicharrón norteño and totoaba


Welcome to #MartesDeTacos , our collection of delicious chilangos taquitos of all kinds: from the greasy street savory to the restaurant nougat that makes us suck our fingers. This week: the extraordinary dry noodle tacos with northern pork rind, totoaba (100 percent legal) and drowned in Cuerno Masaryk avocado sauce. 

This is an exceptional restaurant. I do not say it lightly, the creators of this northern grill are geniuses: they hit upon the perfect combination of elements that a restaurant needs to become a  favorite. Delicious, comfortable, fatty food but not too much + generous portions + delicious terrace + dishes that you can not find anywhere else. Combo winners.

Cuerna Masaryk and his fabulous northern tacos

The main offer of this place is the northern style grill. It’s very good; there is a very good heart of steak, tomahawk and a promising burger of rib eye with wagyu … Peeero, let’s be honest, how impressive can a meat cuts menu be? The normal. The truth, the exciting thing in Cuerna Masaryk is its taquitos menu. Glorious!

Noodle tacos with chicharrón norteño

Horn Masaryk
Northern Chicharrón in green sauce in Cuerna Masaryk. Photo: Jessica Sauza

Let’s see, I’m sure you ever ordered dry noodles in the fondita and ate it with a piece of tortilla. Do you remember what a great combination? Well, Horn Masaryk recovered it and took it to another level with pork cheeks, crispy on the outside and fleshy on the inside. Ufff, delight out of this world! These tacos are served in blue corn tortilla made by hand, with jocoque and quesito Cotija. Tip: put chiltepin sauce with mustard and cry of emotion.

Important: if you only want chicharrón norteño -and yes, you do-, you can also order the order alone, come in a cazuelita with green sauce and two quesadillas of pork. And to taquear: flour tortillas from there!

Totoaba tacos

Horn Masaryk
Totoaba tacos in Masaryk Horn. Photo: Jessica Sauza

First: what is totaba? It is one of the most expensive marine species in Mexico -and the world-, endemic to the Gulf of California. It is considered a species in danger of extinction because, as its meat is delicious and coveted, it is subject to poaching and illegal trafficking. The coveted part is the craw, which has a high demand in Asia (carried there by organized crime gangs). However, in Mexico, production with aquaculture is starting to grow, in order to motivate its legal commercialization and prevent its extinction. The totoaba de Cuerno Masaryk comes from the only company that grows totaba on a farm and sells it 100 percent legally. So, you have to take advantage.

The totoaba in Cuerna Masaryk is served battered in white corn tortilla with a coleslaw salad and a delicious dressing of tree chili. It is a delight that goes perfectly with the piquin chile sauce marinated with onion.

Street tacos (drowned)

Horn Masaryk
Street tacos in Masaryk Horn. Photo: Jessica Sauza

Of crunchy piglet, rib eye or northern crackling (crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside). Bathe in a creamy avocado sauce. If you want them more spicy, add habanero sauce with roasted tomato.?

Octopus chicharrón taquitos

Horn Masaryk
Octopus chicharron in Masaryk Horn. Photo: Jessica Sauza

Another star in Cuerna Masaryk is the octopus chicharrón with avocado and spicy citrus sauce. It’s crunchy on the outside, soft and perfect on the inside. It is tapped with real flour tortillas – those from the north.

Masaryk Horn: the place you want to go back to

Horn Masaryk
Marrow with esquites in Horn Masaryk. Photo: Jessica Sauza

In addition to the glorious taquitos, the menu offers very good aguachiles, sashimis, toasts, grilled marrow with esquites, burnt cheese, salads, fish, seafood and grilled vegetables … that is, you have somewhere to choose. In addition, there are lettuce tacos.?

Believe me, once you try it you will want to return. And return. Especially when you get to the incredible dessert menu (we tell you about it here). Proof of what I say is the long waiting list there is. Reserve with time.

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