“We will always live poor”: Migrants reject jobs offers in Mexico


The Central American citizens pointed out that salaries in the country are insufficient and even compared with salaries in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

Mexico City, – After the call launched by the Secretary of the Interior, Alfonso Navarrete Prida to migrants to offer employment through the installation of employment fairs, a group of Central American citizens rejected the support as they emphasized that in Mexico they would be poor all their lives, for that reason they have their objective clear: to arrive at the United States.

The previous thing they made it known through an interview that they offered to the channel CNN, where they were clear and they expressed that the pays are insufficient in comparison with the neighboring country.

If we stay here, we will always live poor. We do not come with that idea here (to work in Mexico), we have an idea of arriving in the United States because if we stay here it’s like being in Honduras always, stressed a migrant woman.

Like her, more Central Americans who are in shelters in Tijuana and Mexico City felt the same.

“The offer is good, but the goal is to reach the United States. Mexico is beautiful, we can not deny it, also the attention they have given us is beautiful, “said another migrant woman.  

In Mexico, the salary is at the level of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras. In the United States, more is won, a Central American man told CNN en Español.  

On the other hand, the governor’s secretary is concerned about the fact that the migrants want to cross illegally, since he said that they could urge incidents in their attempt to cross into the United States.

Yes, we see with great concern that there could be an incident on the border line that could end with damage to people, with damage to vulnerable population, warned the Secretary of the Interior, Alfonso Navarrete Prida. 

Alfonso Navarrete Prida, Secretary of the Interior. Photo: SEGOB


Even with the rejection of the migrants, the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare said that in the coming days will be announced more details of the fairs. He insisted that formal jobs will be offered and with all the benefits of Law.

Is migrant caravan even employable?

U.S. CIA World Factbook Literacy Rate
Latin American Countries

El Salvador definition: age 10 and over can read and write
total population: 80.2%
male: 82.8%
female: 77.7% (2003 est.)
Guatemala definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 70.6%
male: 78%
female: 63.3% (2003 est.)
Honduras definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 76.2%
male: 76.1%
female: 76.3% (2003 est.)
Nicaragua definition: age 15 and over can read and write
total population: 67.5%
male: 67.2%
female: 67.8% (2003 est.)


Source: El Debate

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