Mayor of Tijuana asks the federal government to expel Central American migrants


Juan Manuel Gastélum, mayor of Tijuana, Baja California, accused that among the migrants there are ” Drug addicts ” and violent people who put the security of the inhabitants at risk, so he said that they no longer want them in the border city and that he will organize a citizen consultation to establish if they will continue to receive people.

 “We want to apply article 33, Expulsion from Mexico activated”

Tijuana is a city of migrants, but we do not want them this way, it was different with the Haitians, they carried papers, they were in order, it was not a horde, forgive my expression and Human Rights groups are going to be all over me,  But Human Rights are for Humans” he said.

In an interview with Alejandro Domínguez for MILENIO Television, Gastélum said that among the 2 thousand migrants who are in Tijuana, there are ” criminals within the migrants”.

“These people arrive in an aggressive, rude plan, with chants, challenging authority, doing what we are not used to doing in Tijuana, that all of Mexico knows that it was already good, what is that of allowing them to cross the border without No brake? ”

“I do not dare to say that they are all migrants, but there are some who are lazy, marijuana, they are attacking families in Playas de Tijuana, what is that?” He said.

The mayor added that a citizen consultation will be held to find out if the inhabitants want to continue serving the migrants and, if not, “we will see how we solve to get those that are already there and put roadblocks in Tecate so that they no longer enter,” he said. He asked the federal deputies to allocate resources to enable spaces in Tijuana to serve migrants, “we need support now or never, we are going to consult, I know how to pay attention to the people of Tijuana,” he added.

The arrival and stay of the first part of the migrant caravan in Tijuana has generated tensions, confrontations and even the open rejection of the local government; while the Central Americans ask for an opportunity to be in the city while waiting for an eventual entry into the United States.

On the eve, the tension was reported in some parts of the city, such as in Playas de Tijuana, when a group of neighbors confronted some migrants to demand that they leave, arguing that they “represent a risk to the community.” , and in moments it could escalate to the physical confrontation in spite of the police presence. 

The migrants who arrived in Tijuana on Thursday, about 1,700, are part of the first contingents of the Migrant Caravan, so it is expected that the number will increase as the hour’s pass and more Central Americans begin to arrive in other contingents.

This morning the second caravan of migrants, made up of almost 1,200 Central Americans, left Mexico City to continue its journey to Querétaro, which is expected to arrive using public transport, “by hitchhiking” and walking, to reach a contingent that left yesterday and remains in Guadalajara.

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