Tijuana: Coalición Pro Defensa del Migrante calls for a halt to rejection and intolerance


TIJUANA, Baja California 

The Coalición Pro Defensa del Migrante AC called on the population to avoid rejection, racism, and xenophobia towards migrants who arrive in Baja California .

Through a statement, the coalition, which brings together different civil associations that support and protect migrants, spoke out against the reactions, especially in social networks. 

He mentioned that the population of the State has always been receptive to the hardships and sufferings of those who emigrate from their place of origin.

“Recently we have been observing in social networks manifestations of rejection, racism, and xenophobia of some people that do not represent the feelings of the majority of the population of Baja California, the statement added.

He asked not to echo the most primitive feelings of the human being and instead put positive messages that do not incite violence. 

“We appeal to the understanding and reflection on human mobility and its causes, we hope that an environment of respect and solidarity prevails that characterizes the citizens of Baja California,” he added. 

Finally, they made an urgent call to state, municipal and federal authorities to guarantee the human security of migrants, as Mexico has committed to international treaties.

Source: Frontera.info


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