5 Mexican cheeses recognized by the World Cheese Awards 2018


The equivalent of the Oscars of the cheeses, the World Cheese Awards  have just announced their winners during a  ceremony that awards the best cheeses from around the world . This year they took place in Bergen, the second largest city in Norway.

total of 3,472 cheeses from 41 countries participated and the absolute winner was the Fanaost Aged-Gouda , a cheese produced by the Norwegian Jørn Hafslund . Mexico did not stay behind in this ceremony and won a total of 5 awards.

Colli- Sierra Ensenada (silver)

Casa de Piedra Gran Reserva Cheese – Stone House (silver)

Añejo Navarro Cheddar Cheese – Navarro Industrial and Commercial Group (bronze)

Queso Añejo de Los Altos extra añejo- Grupo Industrial y Comercial Navarro (gold)

Manchego Mexicano Navarro- Industrial and Commercial Group Navarro (silver)

How were the best cheeses in the world chosen?

The jury was formed by a committee of 230 experts including retailers, buyers, consumers, and gastronomic journalists. They evaluated the bark, the body, color, texture, consistency and of course: flavor of the participating products.

The panel of connoisseurs, separated into teams of three or four people and have three types of qualifications: gold, silver, and bronze. Each group awarded the “Super Gold” , the most important recognition. Those winners (66 in total) were evaluated for the second time and from this, the list 16 Super Gold was elaborated, where the best 16 cheeses are from all over the world. The winners are from Norway, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom, Sweden. Denmark and Israel. To the surprise of many, in position number 13 is “La Reserva” a cheap cheese that sells for approximately $ 230 pesos per kilo.


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Source: Food & Wine

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