Mexico Citizens who march in favor of NAIM in Texcoco demand to be heard


They demanded that the president-elect not make citizen consultations “in a way”, because they consider that they also have the right to be heard, and ask that a project that generates 45 thousand jobs not be interrupted because that is what the country needs.

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Citizens who were called “fifís”, of middle and high class, gathered at the Angel of Independence to make a march to the Zócalo of the capital of the country, and ask to be heard also by the president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The main reason for this call that was made through social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook, is to express their support for the project of the New International Airport of Mexico, in Texcoco.

In the march, they demanded that citizen consultations not be made “in the way”, because they consider that they have the right to be heard and to ask that a project that generates 45 thousand jobs not be interrupted, because that is what the country needs.

Resultado de imagen para Ciudadanos que marchan a favor de NAIM en Texcoco piden ser escuchados

The appointment was around 10 in the morning, but the march started after 11:00. Housewives, professionals, even leaders of social organizations such as Maira Galindo, director of the Mexican Association for the Fight against Cancer; young people, women and men over 60 came, including pensioners, many dressed in black and others in white, to identify themselves, they started their walk around 11:30 in the morning.

Resultado de imagen para Ciudadanos que marchan a favor de NAIM en Texcoco piden ser escuchados

When arriving at the Zócalo they do not pretend to make speeches, only to settle in front of National Palace and to intone the National Anthem.

In an interview with Alfonso Quintero, who assured that they do not belong to any political organization, he said that he is a public accountant and auditor, he works as a manager in a company, and he affirmed that there are no leaders or leaders of that movement, but he assists because he found out 10 days of this call.

Seeing the reason for the call, he, in turn, sent WhatsApp the invitation to his friends and acquaintances, and today several are here expressing what they feel. The nonconformists consider that he has to pay attention to them for the good of the country.

“We are summoned by social networks all the people who disagree with the president-elect. Through social networks, we are constantly communicating about their decisions. We are demonstrating to consider that their decisions affect a part of the governed, “he said.

The main demand is that “do not pretend decisions, it is a lie the consultation you made, it is clear in all media, and I am against all that and, therefore, I am here with my family and friends,” he said.

Mr. Quintero explained that there could be thousands who came to this march today, but commented that when the president-elect told them they were “pirrurris”, they thought they were few, “but we are thousands, we are enough”.

In an interview, Laura Elena Herrejon, of the Provecino Movement, said that this march is to protest against illegal consultations to make decisions that will affect at least 45 thousand workers who were working on the project of the new airport in Texcoco.

Citizen march advances on Paseo de la Reforma

With the cry of Mexico, the march that extends through a large part of Reforma Avenue and already reaches thousands of protesters is heading towards the Zócalo, where no speeches are expected, but a citizen call to reverse the decision to close the project of the New International Airport of Mexico.

Pedro, who is accompanied by his girlfriend, says he went to this call that was made through social networks because he agrees that the Texcoco project should not be canceled.Los manifestantes pidieron que no se realicen en el país más consultas a modo (Foto: Twitter: @ArturoCanoMx)

“We wanted to go out into the street to express our disagreement with a decision that supposedly was made through a consultation, which is illegal at all costs because it did not adhere to what the law says on the matter,” he said.

Those who often see from their cars hundreds of marches that daily afflict the streets of the capital of the country and that now are the protagonists.

To the question of which colony it comes from, María Teresa responds without hesitation, from Mexico, I am a Mexican citizen and I have the right to express myself and express my disagreement.

Like the majority of Mexicans, I abound, I pay my taxes, there are many people, and this is demonstrated by the call of social networks, that we do not agree that populist decisions are taken that will lead us to situations such as those They live in Venezuela.

He considered that things are not doing well, because the consultation was a mockery because most Mexicans do not have the knowledge to express their opinion on a very technical matter that is only suitable for specialists.

What is a reality, he insisted, is that the current airport in Mexico City is saturated and a serious and well-founded proposal is required; As demonstrated by several studies of specialized companies, Texcoco was the most viable project.

They could not miss the shouts of some passers-by who shouted “they have to be priistas”, and the classic mentions of return, because the “old French, as one of the assistants said, knows neither status nor social classes”.

Don Pedro says he is not against, rather he is in favor of not canceling the project that was already underway in Texcoco, because it would put us on a par with the best countries in the world, benefiting tourism, today, one of the most important economic activities in the country.

Source: Notimex, Forbes

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