Bad Management: Tourism project in the Eustaquio Buelna dam not improving


Guamúchil, Sin.- The tourist project of offering boat trips by fishermen from the Eustaquio Buelna dam has not had the expected result and is only maintained thanks to the City Council providing the fuel every week.

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Carlos Castro Montoya, president of the Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives said that in the two weeks that have been offering this service, the demand that has been discouraging and remain only for being grateful to the municipal authorities that are betting on tourism.

“The only good thing, for what we have supported, is for the gasoline that the municipal president is giving us, who is making an effort also to be able to raise this, what is tourism, because in gratitude to him we are holding here because gas now is what is very expensive, would not have left, and we are holding on with the gasoline that is giving us every Friday, not much has been earned, but then, we are holding, to see if we raise.Resultado de imagen para presa Eustaquio Buelna

He explained that with the change of schedule darkens very early and only one of the three boats that use light, so it is not long that you can keep the service, also can not start before 16:00 hours when temperatures are strong.

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Castro Montoya said that the hope is that during the month of December when visitors arrive to the municipality and when the weather is less warm, there may be greater demand for the service.

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He also added the need to have special boats for the activity, because perhaps now the boats are not very comfortable for customers.

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