Cain 2018 – Race to hell | All ready for the race in November


Everything ready for the Race to Hell 2018, will be held from November 16-18, the event is named in such a way thanks to its peculiar journey, where from the low temperatures of the Sierra Sinaloa-Durango (Free Highway) has as its goal the high temperatures of Concordia Sinaloa, being the end of it the municipal pantheon, which makes it a unique race with the touch of a high level race.

Professional pilots

In the race it is estimated that more than 70 riders will participate, where they will seek to obtain the first place, it is worth noting that there will be personalities of professional and world recognized motorbike cycling, some names of the riders will be presented at the next press conference.

It is expected the arrival of foreign pilots from Europe, and Argentina among others. Being a trigger for the local economy and state promotion.

Promotional video


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