Fauna, from Mexicali, best brewery in Mexico according to FORBES.com


The best brewery in Mexico is in Baja California. For the second consecutive year, the Fauna brewery, originally from state capital Mexicali, won the award for the best craft brewery in the Cerveza Mx Cup, a competition held within the framework of Cerveza México, the event that brings together the most important actors of the brewing industry in our country.

This recognition is one of the maximum recognitions that are awarded within the competition. This company won the category for the second time, and it is the fourth time that a craft brewery from Baja California has achieved consecutive first prize.

It was in 2014 when the Insurgent brewery opened a gap in the competition winning recognition to the best brewery. In the following years, Wendlandt brewery, Urbana and Fauna brewery, also won the award, reinforcing the position of Baja as “the capital of artisanal beer in Mexico”.

“We arrived at this point without realizing it; a recognition like this helps us to realize that we are stongly positioned within the market. We only have to do things right so that people do not get discouraged when it comes to trying our beers, “said Luis Larios, Fauna brewer.

Cervecería Fauna has been recognized in recent years for its vocation in beer production and currently seeks to dominate local coverage through its tap rooms.

Finally, Larios affirms that the beer industry is no longer a small time business, since the Mexican consumer has adapted to the concept and seeks high quality craft artisanal beers.

Source: The Baja Post