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Weimar, Germany

Weimar, Germany

How much time has to pass for an aesthetic current to become a tourist resource? In Germany it is clear: 100 years. This is the time that has passed since Walter Gropius founded the School of the Bauhaus in Weimar , the first modern current in which design and architecture had the same weight.


To celebrate this milestone, this essential university city is going to finish the splendors of the opening of its Bauhaus Museum as well as host different exhibitions in its Neues Museum . And, of course, to take pride in the buildings that Van de Velde, Gropius and company designed in this city and campus.

  • Brasilia, Brazil

    Fifty-nine years later, it could be said that the project that turned the leafy heart of Brazil into a capital is somewhat insipid. Dazzled by the exuberance of Rio de Janeiro, the sympathy of Salvador de Bahia and the cosmopolitan strength of São Paulo , Brasilia has never really believed its cultural tourism potential.


    However, in recent years it is positioning itself as a restless destination through a project called Cidade Program, Cidadão, Cidadania , which culminates in 2019 and which has set out to make visible a creative fabric that has its main showcase in the Graphic Design Biennial. . On the other hand, has managed to become a cornerstone in the new cultural triangle of the continent with Goiana and Cidade de Goiás.

  • Nagoya, Japan

    Nagoya, Japan

    The fourth largest city in the country is struggling to find its place in tourist Japan . However, for a few years now it has been transforming its industrial and economic frenzy into another attraction.


    And the play is not going wrong. For now, it has that infallible mix of skyscrapers and heritage, gleaming buildings like the TV tower and relics like the Nagoya Castle or the Osu Kannon temple. A base formula that is complemented by everything the Toyota house (originating from a neighboring city, but with the offices here) has left in the form of visitor centers and with art, with unexpected museums such as the Tokugawa Art Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts Nagoya-Boston , a prolific branch of Western art. Of course, the icing on the cake is a Contemporary Art Triennial that in 2019 will celebrate its fourth edition and whose proportions begin to be taken into account by the main galleries and collectors of the world.

    Oslo, Norway