Vaccines and free sterilization to dogs and cats in Mazatlan


They are granted in the veterinary mobile unit of the municipality.

The mobile veterinary unit, which provides free care services for dogs and cats, such as sterilization and the application of vaccines against fleas and ticks, is located in the Colonia Francisco Villa.

From 8:00 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon, veterinary services are provided free of charge to the citizens’ pets.

Diego Mora, Director of Municipal Medical Services , said that with the sterilization of dogs and cats, the density of these types of street animals is reduced, which also represent a risk to health.

The veterinarians are located right in the park of the Francisco Villa de Mazatlan colony, so the owners of dogs and cats that wish to benefit from this free program are invited to come and request the services of veterinary attention without cost. .

Vaccines and free sterilization to dogs and cats

He reported that the mobile veterinary unit moves to different colonies in the city, as well as to villages in the rural area, where specialized veterinary care is provided to dogs and cats that require it.