Construction works at the Fort has stopped


The workers have already removed the enjarre from the walls, as well as the main gate and the obelisk is half demolished.

The large crews that, at least two weeks ago worked at an accelerated pace, seem to have disappeared.

During the last week, the historic building has remained empty, in complete silence and with the only visit of one or another indigent accustomed to that place.

The advances of what is expected is the restoration of the military bastion built in 1892 to commemorate the defense of the port before the siege of the French frigate La Cordeliere.


At the gate and the walls, the enjarre has been completely removed and the old bricks have been uncovered.

The structures of the inner esplanade on which a stave was once attempted were also removed.

There is also half the demolition of the obelisk built in memory of those who defended the port.

Disperse by several areas is the material and tools used by the crews.

Vendors who operate in the area say that at the fort, no one has been seen working during the last seven days and only one watchman is present who takes care of the tool. 

The relevance

The regeneration of Fort began March 31 has a budget of 8 million pesos. 

The works are assigned to the company Construction and Leasing of Machinery of Sinaloa, SA de CV.

The building is a military fort, but it has never had the use of war and its function has been more symbolic. It shelters one of the three guns donated by the Democratic ship of the National Navy.