Ordaz Coppel advances the date to finish works on the Malecon


From today a plan will be implemented to speed up the work, confirms the governor

The governor of the state, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, advanced the deadline for the completion of the installation of hydraulic concrete on the boardwalk.

It will not be at the beginning of December, as announced by the Mayor Joel Boucicguez, but at the beginning of November when the works will have to be completed.

The president confirmed that starting today will be launched a strategy that will speed up the project whose cost is 119.5 million pesos.

The plan

He explained that another machine will be put into operation that installs the hydraulic pavement.

They have had to adapt the machine because they have respected everything that is the bike path. The size of a machine of these is larger than the two lanes on which it is working, so an adjustment had to be made. Another machine has been achieved and is coming to reinforce the works with the idea of ​​finishing as soon as possible.

He reiterated that the change of the concrete, which was 40 years old, is a priority work for the State Government.
Therefore, the goal is to finish it at the beginning of November.

“There has been a great transformation of Mazatlan hand in hand with municipal authorities and the support of citizenship,” presumed the governor of the state, and added: “I think that has generated greater ‘attractiveness’, the interest of airlines to come to Mazatlan.

As a result of this, he said, the occupation has been very good and I believe that the future of Mazatlan is extraordinary in terms of tourism.

The works

Yesterday, the works were carried out in three different points: in front of the intersection of Del Mar and De Los Deportes avenues; in front of the Fisherman’s Monument, and in the Casa del Marino.

In the first weeks the concrete folder was removed from Valentinos to the Deer Monument, on the Olas Altas promenade. The works have complicated the flow of traffic and caused some of the businesses in the area to close because customers can not easily access the area.

Other arrangements

Yesterday, the crews of workers also began to maintain the velarias that give shade to the passers-by in the paradores of the Malecon.

The white canvases were removed to be washed and the metal structures will be painted white again to prevent them from oxidizing further. The works will last more than a week.

By: Jorge Luis Lozano

The Mazatlan Post