Congress approves in legitimate defense; It is legal to kill criminals who enter your home


The reform of the Penal Code allows that, in the presence of intruders, the dweller can defend himself without being criminally prosecuted.

MEXICO CITY.- Congress approved the law of self-defense in the reform of the Criminal Code, which will allow the intrusion of any intruder into the home (thief, criminal, or not) that threatens the physical integrity or property, the dweller may defend himself without being criminally prosecuted. 

The proposal presented by the PRI group was voted unanimously and will allow that in the case of an assault or robbery with violence, the victim will be able to hit, injure, even kill the offender and will be covered by the Law. 

The deputy, Libya Dennise García Muñoz Ledo, member of the commission, said that according to the approval, whoever is in his home will be able to repel the aggression.

“When an intruder arrives at a house, whoever is in the house can repel that aggression, in any way under any circumstance and using the mechanisms or the elements at hand and in no way can be imputed criminally.” 

García Muñoz Ledo clarified that the approved initiative only guarantees self-defense in housing and not in businesses or automobiles owned by the victim, although it is expected that in the future it may be applied to businesses and vehicles. 

“The figure applies only to houses, is only the address where we live but includes everything around, ie our patio, our garden, roof, fences, everything that is the context of the home,” he said. 


Those police officers who enter the homes taking advantage of the uniform and comment abuse of authority and raid homes to steal are not exempt from the law.

“The great advantage of this reform is that when they enter your home in order to assault you, any defense mechanism can be used, even if a supposed policeman comes into rob or assault you,” he said.

Source: Diario Official Juridico