Aeromexico pilots will not go on strike

Aeromexico pilots will not go on strike
The Trade Union Association of Aviator Pilots of Mexico reached an agreement with Aeromexico, for which the strike site is canceled
The Trade Union Association of Aviator Pilots of Mexico (ASPA) agreed in the General Assembly to sign with the company Aerovías de México (Aeromexico) the salary and contractual revision that will govern the employment relationship in the 2018-2020 biennium, which was averted the planned strike for the first minute of this Wednesday.
The agreement signed with the airline establishes a salary increase of 5.15 percent and at the same time modifies various clauses of the collective contract, related to the mitigation of fatigue in favor of the safety of operations, items that increase the quality of life of the workers. pilots and that improve the economic perception in concepts related to days, breaks, breaks, mainly in the case of night flights and long-range flights.
After intensive negotiations between the union and the company, the parties reached a satisfactory agreement, with the conciliation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare at all times.
ASPA pointed out that a gradual and progressive improvement in the contractual and salary conditions of the pilots belonging to the so-called “Contract B” is initiated in order to close the gap that exists in a single contract with two workforces, that of the pilot’s new income and the old ones.
It is, he explained, the constant search for equity in the workplace. He recalled that the so-called “Contract B” was signed with ASPA in 2010 as a result of a global economic crisis that affected the air transport sector added to the affliction suffered by aviation due to the H1N1 pandemic.
However, he said, currently the situation of air transport is different, with future challenges but not in crisis. He considered that opening the door to gradually improve the salary and benefits of “Contract B”, was a pending issue for simple and plain labor justice: “equal work, equal pay”.
He clarified that the revision of the collective bargaining agreement will be every two years while the salary every year as established by law.
In turn, the head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Roberto Campa Cifrián, said that he was very happy and satisfied with the agreements reached by both parties, especially in an industry that is fundamental for the country’s development.
In an interview, he explained that they were days of great pressure for passengers who did not know if they were going to travel, for the authorities that we have been involved in and of enormous pressure for these two organizations, the company and the union, who have worked very hard, each one in the defense of their interests, their rights and that finally reached an agreement that resolves this conflict.
He commented that the vote is resolved and the strike on this airline is set and everything is already agreed.
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