Sinaloa State Government has delivered 15 million Tilapia


To guarantee the fishing activity in the dams of the entity, the government of Quirino Ordaz has delivered 15 million tilapia fingerlings.

Sergio Torres Félix, secretary of fisheries and aquaculture, confirmed before fishermen of the dam Eustaquio Buelna, that the state leader energetically supports them and their families because by achieving sufficient quantity and quality of fish, they will obtain the necessary resources to raise their standard of living.

State Government has delivered 15 million Tilapia Fry

This, during the act of sowing half a million tilapia pups, to make a total of one and a half million fingerlings that the state government has given them.

 Likewise, he invited the leaders of federations and fishing cooperatives, as well as fishermen present, to organize themselves to access resources that allow them to improve working conditions in their areas of cleaning and packing their fishing, which will provide them with a valuable extra to the product.