The truth come out about Durango travel agencies complaints


The secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Services notes that travel agencies are upset because they no longer receive commissions from hoteliers Mazatlan.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Travel agencies in Durango want to discredit Mazatlan because they no longer receive a commission from hoteliers, tourists no longer need intermediaries to come and vacation, said the general secretary of the National Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Services (Canaco) Servytur), Guillermo Romero.  they can choose the hotel and make their own reservations on their own. 

Offer and demand

The businessman says that Mazatlan is a competitive destination in hotel rates, there are for all budgets.

But it accepts that in high season, the tariffs are regulated according to the offer and the demand. 
He denied that they are excessive prices.

He pointed out that the majority of the visitors that Mazatlan has are Durango in the first place.

Followed by Coahuila, Nuevo León, Zacatecas, and Chihuahua, he insisted that it is false that the Durango people are not coming.

When it is not a vacation, tourists arrive from Durango on weekends, this is reported by hoteliers. They come for two days and spend a night in a hotel.


In the surveys carried out by the association of tourists, they do not complain about hotel rates.

Rather, what they demand are more attractive for Mazaltán. The beach is the main attraction for most visitors, but they want to know other things because in three days they can visit everything. Nightlife is another attraction, said Guillermo Romero.