The dredging of the Mazatlan port and the Santa María Dam are a priority

Counselor of Codesin says that Mazatlan can not aspire to receive ships of a greater draft without the work.
Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The dredging of the port and the Santa María dam are priority works for Mazatlan and the region, said Codesin counselor, Fernando Valdez Solano.
Now that was tendered the work of dredging, State Government, Kanak, Naval Cluster and the Council for Economic Development of Sinaloa in the southern region will be outstanding for not postpone again.

Aspire to compete

For three years or more, the departure of 1,300 million pesos for the dredging of the port was announced, but three times it was postponed.

The justification was for economic problems in the government, but the reality is that the ports of Lázaro Cárdenas and Manzanillo, on the Pacific side, have been strengthened. Also, by the Gulf of Mexico, Altamira and Tampico, while Mazatlan is waiting.

“How can we aspire to be like ports that move 2 or 3 million containers, such as Manzanillo and Lázaro Cárdenas, or at least be an intermediate port, without having the depth conditions of the navigation channel?”

The port of Mazatlan hardly moves 30 thousand containers, and therefore, now that the call is already underway, companies will be compelled to enter by dredging the navigation channel.

But they will also meet with the next officers of the Sagarpa and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation of the incoming federal government.


Valdez Solano explained that another of the important projects in the southern region and promoted by the Council for the Economic Development of Sinaloa, in the south, is the Santa María dam, in the municipality of Rosario. It is a work of great importance and it is not possible that a game of 150 million pesos has been allocated.

He reiterated that if the government does not see it as a necessary work, the sectors and inter-regions of the region will insist.

These two works should be among the first and with the investments that are required so that they do not remain half-hearted, the entrepreneur abounded.

By: Blanca Regalado