How to get to Venados Island in Mazatlan?


If you want to reach the island of deer in Mazatlan or the middle of the 3 islands, with its beautiful beaches where the water is transparent, a place free of garbage and people who want to see Mazatlan from one of its most iconic points, you came to the place Right.

We are interested in more people visiting this place. It is a beautiful place where there are only a few bathrooms and a small palapa, everything else is natural.

Kayaking to deer island

Deer Island in Mazatlan

This is one of the options for adventurers who have a kayak or rent one. It is an option if you go with a few friends or only 2 people.

Swim to deer island

Many people see it and say – I swim to it. And if you can swim, 2 times a year there is a crossing where dozens of swimmers cross from the north beach to the beach of the island of deer where a coexistence takes place. The closest point between the coast and the island is right in front of the Holiday Inn Express hotel, where I also recommend kayaking from this place.

It is not easy to swim and if you are going to do it, do it with someone else who will take care of you from a kayak or a panga.

Go on a panga

When they ask me how to get there I always recommend that they take you in a panga, there are several points from where you can go, I can name 4 but I recommend asking at your hotel and the people who cross to find out which one suits you best.

Places to take a panga to go to the deer island in Mazatlan

  • In front of the Holiday Inn Express hotel
  • On the side of the El Cid hotel (Aquasports)
  • Outside the Oyster
  • North Beach
  • On one side on the way to the sea

The cost to take you can vary from place to place and depends a lot on the season, demand and number of people who will cross. It is not the same to cross your solo to cross 8 people and can vary from $ 150 to $ 300 pesos depending on where you ask.

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Get ready to go to the deer island

If you are going to swim, use a kayak or use a panga you will wet your feet, so do not wear tennis or get used to the idea that they will get wet.

On the island there are not many options to eat, there is only one restaurant and sometimes it is not open, I recommend you take what you are going to have, snacks and some ceviche to eat so you can enjoy your stay in this place more.

Take a bag to pick up your garbage, in this place we ask you not to leave any garbage, it is not a suggestion, do not leave garbage. Part of the magic of visiting is finding this clean place where there are no hotels and the water is clear, help us stay clean.

30 pesos cost to get to stone island.

The last time I went to the island, I traveled with some cousins who had gone to the island of the stone one day before, and the cost of renting the panga cost them dearly.

It is a little more expensive because the same boat that takes you picks you up, they will warn you when they go for you to the island, plus it takes like 4 people for the panga to cross the waves on the shore.

But trust me, that being there you will understand because they are 2 different experiences. 3 hours are not enough to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the island of deer.