Markoptic Foundation: technology and medicine from Sinaloa that benefits Mexico


The Sinaloan foundation has patented and developed anti-decubitus prostheses and mattresses, to donate to anyone who needs it throughout Mexico

Isaac is a boy who is in the sixth grade of elementary school, practices athletics and would like to take a mechatronics course to manufacture arm prostheses and help children who, like him, were born without one.

Markoptic is a Civil Association that was born in late 2013, its origin arises during the search for a solution to the health problem of the founder, Mr. Manuel Gallardo Inzunza, who loses an eye due to the condition of Glaucoma.

Manuel, in his journey to acquire the right machinery, makes a mistake, buys the machines to make prostheses. When he realizes that he does not have the tools to create his device, he does not stop and instead, he creates the Markoptic foundation and begins to create prostheses for those who need them.

By Jasmine Ballesteros