Living Simply and Affordably in Mexico (according to Mexperience)


When foreign residents are asked why they moved to Mexico, among the most common reasons they cite is ‘a desire to simplify our lifestyle’.  And when people who have moved here to fulfill that intention reflect on their choice, they usually discover in hindsight that the complexity built-in to their previous life situations was more costly than they realized, and having less ‘stuff’ gives them space to live more abundantly, with less stress.

Simple living is concerned with identifying your priorities, and defining what is most important in your life.  Common priorities which tend to emerge through this lifestyle choice tend to be matters related with better health, reviewing work routines, letting-go of unimportant pursuits to create more space for sharing with family and close friends, reducing stress, and reducing ‘clutter’—material and situational. A key principle of simple living is to improve your quality of life through practices which bring about material simplicity: considering your true needs and being aware of how much is “enough.”

A by-product of simplicity is the reduction of financial costs, although the benefits of living simply extend beyond finances.  (You may of course, move to Mexico, live a lavish lifestyle, and spend more than you do in your home country.)  Many people who come here in search of a new life situation also come to learn about  the attractions and benefits simpler lifestyles provide.

In addition to people approaching, or planning for, retirement, we’re receiving an increasing number of inquiries from working-age people, particularly those working independently, who are considering relocating to Mexico as part of a life and work-style change.  Modern communications, and particularly the Internet, makes teleworking a viable possibility for working-age professionals with portable skills.

If you’re thinking about or actively planning for your retirement, Mexico continues to be one of the world’s most popular places for foreign retirees and you can learn more by reading our extensive articles and guides to retirement in Mexico. Provided you meet the reasonable financial criteria required to obtain a visa, retirement is one of the most straightforward ways to attain legal residency in Mexico.

Land and property prices continue to be affordable in Mexico and the affordability continues even after your purchase, because ownership costs are lower in Mexico than in the United States, Canada, and western Europe. Read more about the advantages of lower property ownership costs in Mexico and if you plan to rent a home, you’ll find that Mexico offers good value to renters, too.

While financial considerations are only part of the criteria people consider as they explore relocation, finances remain a cornerstone of the decision-making process.  For working-age people, lower costs can translate into additional income available for retirement or other savings; and for retirees on fixed incomes, Mexico’s lower basic living costs can make your retirement income stretch further.  Actual living costs will depend on your lifestyle choices and expectations: our Guide to the Cost of Living in Mexico will help you to create a detailed budget based on your individual circumstances.

Our extensive guides to Living and Lifestyle in Mexico will help you navigate the options and choices available.