Starting this Tuesday, preferential lane will be reactivated in Mazatlán

A partir de este martes, reactivan carril preferencial en Mazatlán

Starting this Tuesday, the use of the preferential lane in Mazatlán was resumed, a new patrol car of the Municipal Traffic Police will be assigned exclusively to ensure that it is respected and to fine those who park in it, announced Mayor Edgar González Zataráin and the deputy director of the Municipal Traffic Police, Jorge Sergio Camacho Torres.

This preferential lane is implemented on Ejército Mexicano and Juan Carrasco avenues, between Insurgentes and Gutiérrez Nájera avenues, and in the future it is planned to expand it in a second stage along the International Highway to the North, from Insurgentes Avenue to the ISSSTE clinic.

The Mayor expressed that currently there are better conditions to resume said preferential lane for public transport units because previously there were several injunctions against it, but they have already been cleared and there was no Municipal Traffic Police team to permanently assign a surveillance there, exclusively for the preferential lane.

“If you look, there is already a vehicle (of the 10 patrols that were delivered this Tuesday to the Municipal Traffic Police) that says preferential lane, that vehicle will be there for that issue, obviously if there is an emergency it can go to cover somewhere else, it will go to cover, but its fundamental role (is to monitor in said lane), there are like 8 (injunctions), but they were cleared well a few days ago, all of them, because they are on different dates and they were left without effect in the last few months, so we were clearing that part,” he continued.

“The preferential lane has already begun work on placing new confits, strengthening that part, painting it, now we are going to sign the agreement (with the Mazatlán Truck Alliance) for the respect, surely this week we are signing the agreement with Public Security, (yes it will be respected), for that reason we had a meeting with the Alliance last week, all the transporters were here, all of them, pulmoneros, aurigueros, truckers, the two alliances and the unions and we reached that agreement, we are going to make an agreement where they help us with that part of applying the sanctions due to the operators and the indication, the instructions that they must take to use the preferential lane.”

Personnel from the Delegation of Roads and Transportation of the State Government in Mazatlán also participate in these actions and there will be another meeting next week, since both this agency and the transporters have been insisting on the implementation of the preferential lane, because in addition due to a collective demand the stops of urban transport units are going to be relocated, continued the Mayor.

He specified that the candied trees and paint began to be placed on Monday night.

“As those from the Alliance have already communicated, the work of enforcing and clearing begins today. It will take us a few days, because there is already a patrol, everything is ready, because there is no way things will not be done correctly, but I will give them a week, we could say maximum, for this to be corrected, it will be gradual, perhaps after a while they will begin to correct there, to move cars and it will be gradual, there will surely be complaints,” he reiterated.

“Starting today they will start moving vehicles, (the cost of the fines) varies depending on what the violation is, it could be if it is badly parked or is on a yellow line, well that is one, if it is a matter of obstructing traffic with all intention to prevent the lane from working it is another type of sanction, …we already have a permit from Social Security to make a kind of bayonet so that you can enter, to do an extraordinary work there (for getting on and off patients), what we wanted to do the work, we had said it for a long time, to have the certainty that the lane works, today we have it and today we can do that.”

In the following days the bus stops will also be relocated, announced the Mayor.

“What else are we going to do in the following days, relocate the bus stops, which will also have to be respected, paint and put up the announcements of the bus stops, why, because remember that they have a collective action, those of the alliances for the issue of the bus stops and they have to comply with that part, so we are going to regularize them,” he added.

For his part, the deputy director of the Municipal Traffic Police, Jorge Sergio Camacho, specified that one of the new patrols that they gave them this Tuesday will only serve the preferential lane.

“It will be exclusively on the preferential lane, it will bring the sector that, it will not have any order other than that, if they report a badly parked car on another side they have to send another unit, that will be exclusively on the preferential lane of Insurgentes, Mexican Army to Gutiérrez Nájera and Juan Carrasco for now, in that section where the preferential lane is widened, that unit will be patrol 150, ticketing all vehicles that are on the preferential lane,” said Camacho Torres.

“Likewise, there will also be a motorcycle (motorcyclist patrol) ticketing trucks that do not use the lane, that do not have the need to leave the lane, of course if you see that there is a car obstructing it and the truck has to move, you will not ticket it, but if the truck is circulating and the preferential lane is free, then they will fine it.”

Source: noreste