Over One Million People Visited Mazatlán Lighthouse During the Patronage Period


Thirteen days before the Crestón hill ceased operations, the Mazatlán Lighthouse Natural Park Patronage, currently in the process of dissolution, revealed the figures for visitors and resources obtained since they began their functions in 2019.

Voluntary Work:

– The Vice President of the patronage, María Ana Tovar Hernández, clarified that the institution was established in 2018, initially handling administrative procedures.

– From its inception, the organization has operated as a non-profit Private Assistance Institution. According to its own bylaws, no member received economic compensation for their voluntary work.

Visitor Statistics:

– From 2019 until June 17 of the current year (when they relinquished the Crestón’s guardianship), they recorded a total of 1,714,383 visitors.

– Not all visitors purchased tickets to access the glass viewpoint.

– The total revenue during this period exceeded 50 million pesos, including fees for using the viewpoint, restroom facilities, and souvenir sales.

Ticket Sales:

– The total number of tickets sold for access to the bridge exceeded 1.2 million.

– Ticket prices started at 5 pesos, increased to 10 pesos, and eventually reached an adjustment of 20 pesos in 2020 and 30 pesos in 2022.


– Contrary to the gains, the total expenditure during this period amounted to 46,766,000 pesos.

– These funds were primarily allocated to salaries (including IMSS and Infonavit payments) and personnel liquidation.

– Operational expenses accounted for 33% of the total expenditures (approximately 313,000,000 pesos) and covered vehicle acquisition, maintenance of the viewpoint, cable installation, and various works within and outside the hill.

Source: Debate