Bus runs will increase at Mazatlán Bus Station


With the summer vacation season approaching, the Mazatlán Bus Station is preparing to receive a significant increase in tourists by land, which generates good expectations for the local tourism sector.

Álvaro Peña Torres, manager of the Bus Station, highlighted that a significant increase in the mobility of tourists to the city is anticipated during the next few months.

“We are focused on ensuring that our facilities are in the best possible condition to receive our visitors. We have begun an intensive maintenance program that includes cleaning and security,” said Peña Torres.

Activity at the Bus Station is at 100 percent and an upturn is expected in the coming weeks.

“Right now we are working well, at 100 percent and that has been going on for weeks, the truth is, not just today, the numbers are very good, at 100 percent and we know that it will continue to increase in the following weeks or days, because the massive arrival of tourists will begin,” said Peña.

Currently, the plant operates with 200 daily trips, which bring tourists to the port from the south of the country such as Puebla, Jalisco, Nayarit, Zacatecas, Mexico City and Durango, as well as from the north, including Nuevo Leon, Baja California and Coahuila.

“We are operating with 200 daily trips and we know that they can increase more during this period. Last year, on the busiest days, which are the weekends of the holiday season, there were between 230 and 250 daily trips if I remember correctly,” he concluded.

Source: elsoldemazatlan