Elderly man was looking for water in a river in Sinaloa and came across two angels


While Esteban was looking for water in his improvised well in Sinaloa, he came across two angels who changed his life

La vida de Esteban y su hermano cambió radicalmente. Foto: Captura de pantalla

San Ignacio, Sinaloa.- It is not news that Sinaloa is going through a period of drought and high temperatures. This climatic situation has mainly affected rural and marginalized communities, which have difficulties in accessing water.

Such is the case of Esteban, an 89-year-old man who has to dig his own well in the river to obtain water from the Piaxtla River in Ixpalino, San Ignacio. Despite his age, Esteban gets ahead thanks to his perseverance and effort, even taking care of his animals and his blind brother.

Fortunately, for Esteban, while he was on his daily journey in search of water, he was visited by two angels, who since they learned his story have mobilized social networks to help him and his brother.

Piaxtla sisters with a big heart

They are Dayanara Ontiveros Sarabia and her sister, who were walking along the river while Esteban was in his improvised hole. Upon seeing the man, the sisters approached him to meet him and help him in any way they could.

As they learned more about their situation, Dayanara decided to share the story on social media to get more support for Esteban and his brother. It was thanks to the shared videos that citizens mobilized to help these brothers.

Whether it was with money, material or labor, the people of San Ignacio, Sinaloa each contributed their grain of sand. From furniture, water, food, clothing, household items and even cutting their hair, the life of Esteban and his brother has improved enormously.


Señor de la tercera edad, a sus 89 años tiene que ir a buscar agua a los veneros para sus necesidades y poder darles agua a sus animales, tiene un hermano ciego al cual el se tiene que hacer cargo de el porque solo son ellos dos, la intencion es optener apoyo para personas como ellos..!!!!@✨Vianey Roma✨

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A dignified life

Through the videos shared on TikTok you can see the great difference between the life the brothers had before and how it is now. However, there are still things to do, which is why Sinaloa society continues to be invited to continue supporting with whatever they can.

This story is a great example of the heart of Mexicans, reminding us that there is no better feeling than supporting someone in need.

If you want to support, you can contact Dayanara on her Facebook or TikTok account. There, you will be given an account number to deposit money into that will be used to help Esteban and his brother.

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