SEBIDES details changes in regulations to regulate irregular towers in Mazatlán


The new rules will allow taller buildings and promote parks and green areas at ground level, shared the Secretary of Well-being and Sustainable Development.

The changes in the construction regulations of the Mazatlán City Hall requested by the governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, will not only allow for a greater number of floors in the more than a thousand new towers under construction in the port; they will also regulate their distribution, said the Secretary of Wellbeing and Sustainable Development, María Inés Pérez Corral.

After the governor requested the change during his weekly press conference on Monday, June 10, that would remove hundreds of towers already under construction in Mazatlán from the irregularity, this Friday Pérez Corral explained that the new program is already being worked on and has to do with ordering the distribution of said projects and regulating the construction of green areas and larger parks in the different polygons of the port.

When answering a question from those attending the forum ‘Transparency for Sustainable Development’ organized by the CPC, the secretary commented that permission will not be given for ‘everything to be construction’ and invited citizens to be aware of this new regulation.

“Before, it was not allowed because of the environmental impact statement because everything was filled; now it is not going to be filled. Parks are going to be built where everything should be planted with trees, treatment plants are being requested, even for oil, grease and solids; in other words, we are working together, each one of the sustainable development departments such as mobility, water management, in other words, everything fits into this new project,” he explained.

“That is the new thing that is being worked on by the Secretariat precisely to protect the environment… I invite you to review the new program that is being made, I think you will like it,” he pointed out.

In a recent report by ESPEJO, it is documented that of the more than a thousand active permits for the construction of condominium or apartment towers in Mazatlán, around 400 are in areas where the regulation states that there should not be towers.

It has also been documented that the current boom in condominium towers in the Sinaloa port has triggered effects such as rising housing prices, strong pressure on public services and multiple damages to the environment. This is without taking into account the risk posed by the construction of towers in areas at risk due to coastal erosion.

Source: revistaespejo