Due to drainage crisis, in Mazatlán they will consider permits for developments to connect to the network


In the Mazatlán Government, they review how many more permits Jumapam will be able to grant for new real estate developments related to the drainage issue and it is analyzed that in the future these developments build their own wastewater treatment plants, said Mayor Édgar González.

“What is being valued? Among so many aspects, one of them is the issue of how much more Mazatlan can withstand the feasibility permits from the Water Board for new developments, for new subdivisions, for new buildings on the drainage issue, because with water there is no problem”, continued González Zataráin.

That is why he said that it is analyzed that at some point, the developments will have to build their own treatment plants so that the public drainage network is not saturated.

He announced that currently feasibility permits have been granted for 107 constructions between apartment buildings, hotels, office towers, among others, some of them in the final part of 2023 already had some connection.

“So, these are issues that are being analyzed and the other issue is the investment, in analysis of the meeting it is where you have to start directing the investment, I for example put a very special case, Alarcón, you have to attend to it urgently, you have to attend to Jabalíes urgently”.

He specified that in the Infonavit Jabalíes and in the Infonavit Alarcón there are walkways where no machinery enters and the work has to be done by hand to replace the entire network with caution so as not to damage the water, electricity and wiring pipes of a telephone company.

“But we would start there, by the most complex and by the largest collectors, the truth is that as never an investment has been made in the drainage issue, it is advancing quite a bit, we have been exhausting the issue in many areas, I think that the drainage crisis started more than 10 years ago in Mazatlán, there are the statistics and reports, even various journalistic notes from the formal media where a record was made, a history of when the complaint comes, of when the same newspapers are reporting all these spills, in which areas”, he continued.

He specified that the Jumapam is limited, it is making an effort to mix resources with the National Water Commission, because the Water Boards, through the state agency and the Conagua make a bag to operate work and is making its last cut to agree between them and make it known.

He specified that it is a proposal for new real estate developments to build their own wastewater treatment plants, it is not yet a feasibility and an order or a rule because it first has to go through Cabildo, make modifications to the Regulation.

“But we are looking for that feasibility and viability because you cannot stop the development, you cannot say no, do not build, you cannot say that”, he said after stating that there is regulation for the developments to build their own treatment plants.

“That later some will want to accuse you, not all, that you do not let them, that it does not cost them, that it does not come out, but there is no other, Mazatlán has to transit like this (…) Mazatlán is in a boom of growth, it is attractive and I think it is important that we look for a solution agreed with them”.

He also specified that in this 2024 it is projected to increase the treatment capacity from 400 to 600 liters per second of the Urías 1 and 2 wastewater treatment plants.

Source: Noreste