Mazatlan condo tower construction permits to be investigated


The president of the AMPI indicated that it will be verified that the construction has all the requirements for its construction to continue

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After complaints from residents of the Los Pinos subdivision, about the construction of an 18-story tower on a water source, Roberto Carlos Arellano, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals Mazatlán, said that it will be investigating the permits granted for this development.

He assured that he did not know the details about this construction, but for permits to have been issued it has probably already been verified that it has the necessary terrain analyzes

” What the municipality is, they have been being very emphatic with the issue of developments, that all the regulations of what the regulation marks are complied with, I think that if this development is in process of construction it is because it has met all the elements to the development of that tower, ”he said.

Even so, he assured that he will investigate this, so as not to damage or affect the neighbors, the future tower, and, above all, the land in the area since all the requirements must be met for this to continue standing.

About a month ago, a group of residents of the Los Pinos neighborhood hung some signs outside their homes where they demanded that the authorities stop the construction of condominium towers in the settlement, since services such as electricity, water and drainage are already insufficient.

Recently it was discovered that in one of the new constructions foundations are built on a spring of water, which sprouted when the excavations began.

Arellano Osorio pointed out that people who like to approach the association to solve any doubt, clarification or complaint, will be received, always with the doors open and with all the willingness to assist them.


The Mazatlan Post