Mazatlán City Council will pay 380 million pesos for lawsuits


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The Mazatlán city council has nearly 3,000 lawsuits for occupation of buildings and land, 14 of them already have a payment ruling amounting to 380 million pesos, declared Mayor Edgar González Zatarain.

He added that of the 3 thousand demands, none of them are current, and that they all belong to past administrations in periods where Carlos Felton, Alejandro Higuera, Fernando Pucheta, Jorge Abel López Sánchez and Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres governed.

For next year, he said 200 million pesos have been earmarked for the payment of demands, although the payment sentences are in the order of 300 million pesos; For this reason, the municipal government will seek to agree on updates and interests in order to pay less and make the resource sufficient to pay as much as possible.

González Zatarain mentioned that this year the resource that was allocated for the payment of demands was 200 million pesos, however, it was not spent in its entirety because they were able to agree and lower the payment of some of them, achieving significant savings.

“This year we did not spend the 200 million that was budgeted, less than 200 was spent this year. Obviously next year there will already be a sentence in the order of a little more than 300 million pesos, and we are labeling 200 for next year.”

The first mayor assured that in relation to this issue there are several people involved; from businessmen to employees of the City Council itself; However, he withheld the names, but he said they looked very advantageous. He mentioned that the demands of the owners of those properties to the City Council are for million-dollar amounts due to the capital gains that those lands now have, something that he described as having been taken as a business.

Source: Debate