It will cost $17 million to promote Mazatlan in the next Formula 1 event


Edgar González Zataráin, Secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, announced that 9.2 million will be contributed by the State Government and 8 million 500 thousand pesos by the Municipality

MAZATLÁN._ The promotion of Mazatlán in the next Formula 1 motoring event in Mexico City will cost a total of 17 million pesos, 9.2 million will be provided by the State Government and 8 million 500 thousand pesos by the Municipality, announced the Secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, Edgar González Zataráin.

“There are 17 (million pesos) in total with the participation of the State, 9 million 200 (thousand pesos) from the State, that is how the agreement comes about, there is a signed agreement and then the 8 (million) 500 (thousand pesos) from the Municipality” , specified González Zataráin.

“What does the State put, the State with those 9,200, is the right to be able to participate in Formula 1, it is the right for you to promote yourself, you are paying the rights to promote yourself and then what does the Municipality pay with those 8.5, well, everything that it has to do with the arrangements of the promotion, which I think are allegorical cars, dancers, sets and everything that costs in bands, music”.

Given the questioning of some councilors that promotion in Formula 1 be given more priority than addressing problems such as the overflow of sewage in the city, the lack of public services such as paving in neighborhoods and communities, which was done in the ordinary session 20 of the Cabildo this Thursday afternoon, headed by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, González Zataráin specified that there will be three days of promotion and 15 minutes of it already in the Formula 1 event.

“15 minutes, there are 3 days in the promotion and 15 minutes and the theme more than anything in this we know perfectly well that it is not the 15 minutes that it can last but the advertising theme of the television stations, the transmission, the scope, nothing else there are around 70 thousand attendees, but the scope is that there are millions of viewers who are watching Formula 1”, he emphasized.

“Well, that’s what it costs you in any boxing match, in any sporting artistic event, diffusion is what costs you.”

He said that this promotion is in charge of the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, but asks for support in floats and what is required in this regard from the Institute of Tourism, Culture and Art of Mazatlan.

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