The kitchen of the Casa María restaurant, owned by the Cuen Ojeda family, is suspended in Culiacán


The State Commission for the Protection of Health Risks of Sinaloa (Coepriss) suspended the kitchen area of the Casa María restaurant, located in the city center, after detecting some alleged irregularities.

This occurred today, and according to a source consulted, due to contempt, that is, apparently the restaurant had already been visited by representatives of Coepriss and the recommendations made to them were not attended to.

The closure of the kitchen of the Casa María restaurant, owned by the family of Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda, leader of the Sinaloense Party (PAS), occurs in the political context of the legal fight that is taking place in the courts with officials of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS).

Among the designated UAS officials is Héctor Melesio Cuen Díaz, son of Héctor Melesio Cuen Ojeda.

Source: Debate