Traffic in Mazatlán, among the most recurring tourist complaints this summer 


MAZATLÁN.- Although the summer holidays have not yet ended, there are already complaints and suggestions from tourists to improve certain aspects of the destination. One of the most recurring issues is the increase in vehicular traffic that hinders mobility in the tourist area. 

José Gámez Valle, marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlán, mentioned that mobility is an area of opportunity that the authorities have to solve in the short term. It is important to reduce traffic, avoid double-parking and no-go parking, and time traffic signals properly. 

     “In some areas there are trucks double parked, there are cars stocking up in stores, there are people who park where they are not supposed to. I think we need to pay more attention and order in that sense. Traffic and roads are the main points on which we must work the most,” he declared. 

Gámez Valle pointed out that this is an opportunity that has to be worked on in depth, especially in the face of projects that are coming to Mazatlán and that will generate greater mobility for visitors such as the World Trade Center, a business complex that will be on Rafael Buelna avenue. , one of the avenues that brings together the largest number of complaints in terms of traffic light synchronization. 

On the other hand, other areas of opportunity were also mentioned to improve the tourist experience in Mazatlán. Emphasis was placed on the accumulation of excessive garbage in the hotels located on the boardwalk and on the issue of musicians who tour the beaches, some of which have been prohibited by some hotels in their hosting contracts. 

     “In some areas, especially those that are not in the beach area, the hotels, there is an excess of garbage, the hotels that are in the beach area try to maintain order, they criticize us for the issue of music, we are strict with that issue and upon arrival the guests do not sign because they cannot do that, ”he said. 

The president of the “3 Islas” Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, expressed that the destination is in a good moment, but he also emphasized the importance of solving challenges to make the “Pearl of the Pacific” attractive and reliable. Among these challenges he mentioned street vendors, traffic and other related aspects. 

     “Create a destination flight committee, create a destination congress and convention committee, maintenance of the tourist area, improve road flow, control and formalize vacation rentals to generate healthy competition between departments, condominiums and the hotel industry itself”, said. 

The hotelier added that given the growth of infrastructure, Mazatlán has to work on issues such as water, drainage, electricity and roads, which, he considered, are key to giving certainty to investments. 

    Source: Punto