Rains and tourists “throw” garbage on the beaches of Mazatlán 


MAZATLÁN.- Between the rains that have passed and the increase in tourists this holiday season, garbage has also increased, among branches and even glass, reported the director of the Beach Operator and Administrator, Luis Fernando Ortíz Genis. 

He mentioned that this increase was identified since last weekend, when the rains dragged branches, leaves, sticks, but also disposables and other types of garbage through the storm channels, to that, was added the garbage that was on the beaches for The tourism. 

     “Yes, it has increased due to the rainwater issues that arrive here, with the tidal wave that is coming in in the background it takes out a lot of garbage on all the beaches… between the rains and the season it has increased a lot,” he declared. 

The municipal director pointed out that it is forbidden to enter the beach areas with glass and to smoke, for this reason they have maintained an awareness campaign to make people understand that it is a risk. 

     “It is a problem that unfortunately happens, and we are acting, raising awareness so that this can gradually decrease,” he said. 

Ortiz Genis added that his team, starting at 6:00 a.m., is divided into the beaches, from La Escopama to Olas Altas, who clean up the largest amount of garbage left by tourism and / or that the tide constantly throws out. 

   Source: Punto