Just in case, tourists arrive in Mazatlán without reservations


The president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association pointed out that a new trend is observed in cases of fraud and reservations in ‘ghost hotels’ 

MAZATLÁN.- To avoid falling into fraud, tourists who visit Mazatlán are arriving at the port without prior reservation, according to José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association. 

He explained that this year they have noticed a new trend: people reserve the hotel a few days before their vacation or even arrive without a reservation to physically look for the place where they will stay. 

Let’s remember that lately in Mazatlán there have been several cases of tourist scams; the last and one of the largest was a fraud against 200 people who booked in a ‘ghost hotel’. 

     “We feel that this year more people have come without reservations compared to what we saw before. Last year, people tended to book 15 days in advance, but now they book a minimum of 4 days in advance; It’s something atypical.” 

Regarding occupancy, Manguart Sánchez pointed out that it remains between 90% and 95%, a trend that will continue until the first half of August, but only during weekends. 

During the week, occupancy drops to 70%, a figure that is considered within normal parameters. 

     «We are already entering the dynamics of summer as such, and we hope that, at least during the first 15 days of August, we will have occupancy levels between 75% and 80%. On Sundays it goes down and on Thursdays it starts to rise again,” he said. 

    Source: Punto