Ricardo Salinas assures that referee has harmed his team 


Ricardo Salinas, owner of the Cañoneros de Mazatlán, has expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee decisions in recent games. According to Salinas, the referees have not been impartial and have harmed his team on several occasions.  

Salinas shared a video on social networks that shows a controversial play during the match against Pumas. In the video, an action can be seen that, according to him, should have been sanctioned as a penalty in favor of his team. The businessman described the referees as “rats” and expressed his frustration at what he considers a lack of justice. 

In addition, Salinas mentioned that in another recent match his team suffered a disallowed goal and the expulsion of one of his players. These situations, according to him, have affected the team’s performance and results. Despite having obtained two victories and a tie, the owner of the Cañoneros believes that they could have added more points if they had not been harmed by the referee’s decisions. 

So far, the Mazatlán team has accumulated two points in the standings. Despite a not-so-bad start, Salinas believes that they could have obtained better results had it not been for the alleged refereeing injustices. 

 Source: Record