Individual builds premises in public space in Mazatlán; Neighbors demand its demolition


Inhabitants of the Jacarandas subdivision demand Wenceslao Paul Galindo Maldonado, director of Mazatlán Sustainable Urban Development Planning, to stop protecting Pepe Gámez, sales director of the Pueblo Bonito Group, and order the demolition of the “monument to corruption and impunity” located on Santa Rosa avenue, corner with Andador Orquídeas, in Mazatlán.

Lawyer Mario Cabrales Orona, legal adviser to the settlers, accuses José Rosario Gámez Valle (Pepe Gámez), sales director of the Pueblo Bonito group, of building business premises in a public space intended for vehicle parking in the Jacarandas subdivision in Mazatlán.

The litigant wields the resolution of January 24, 2022, of the Architect Jorge Estavillo Kelly, then director of Planning issued since he exercised power, the today ousted, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

Said resolution states that “C. José Rosario Gámez Valle, owner and/or possessor of the building located on Santa Rosa avenue corner with Andador Orquídeas, in the Jacarandas subdivision, of this city, is ordered to demolish the building consisting of four columns and a pottery, made with materials of cement, sand, gravel and steel, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

“Within a period of five business days from the day after the notification of this resolution takes effect, for having violated the articles of the construction regulations for the municipality of Mazatlán,” he highlights.

In the third point, he warns: “. Once the period granted in the previous point has elapsed, without the owner and/or possessor or legal representative of the work located on Avenida Santa Rosa corner with Andador Orquídeas, in the Jacarandas subdivision, in this city, having carried out the demolition of the work, the Public Works Directorate will be ordered to carry out the aforementioned demolition, at the expense of the visited person.”

The legal achievement of the settlers

The affected settlers have not only sought justice in the municipal offices, but recently, after the alleged crime committed by Pepe Gámez, they blocked Santa Rosa Avenue, with the aim of making injustice visible.

Even the accused, Gámez Valle, through his head lawyer, resorted to the Amparo Trial, and then to the Review Appeal, before the corresponding instances, but both submitted him to the Rule of Law provided for in the Magna Carta and denied him defense and protection of justice.

Lawyer Juan Antonio Gutiérrez Gaytán, Eighth District Judge of the State of Sinaloa, ruled: “The nation’s justice does not support or protect José Rosario Gámez Valle, against the acts claimed from the responsible authorities… for the reasons established in recital sixth of said sentence”.

“The simulation of the Mazatlan City Hall”

On Wednesday, May 17, from some commercial premises, located on Santa Rosa avenue, between Anaxagoras and Orquídeas streets, in the Jacarandas subdivision, with resolutions from local and federal courts, in their hands, which deny the protection of justice to Pepe Gámez, the litigant accuses: “here is a monument to corruption and impunity.”

—Is the mayor Édgar González Zataráin aware of the facts that you denounce?

—When Édgar González Zataráin was secretary of the Mazatlán City Council, he was the one who assisted us with this (the complaint). But the successor of the “Chemist” is a politician of those who speak differently, express themselves differently, behave differently, but the results are the same.

—What follows the judicial resolutions in favor of you?

—We have already demonstrated in both instances that Pepe Gámez has already lost, he no longer has any chance to defend himself. Now what we are asking for and looking for is that the demolition act materialize that teacher Wenceslao, who is the director of Planning, well, let him fulfill his job, we already did 70 or 80 percent of the work for him, already The neighbors did it for him, now let him do the same, because here the construction is a monument to corruption and impunity.

Source: Rio Doce