Mazatlán will be the world headquarters of Milset Expociencias Internacional 2023


Two thousand participants from 60 countries are expected to attend the exhibition of science, technology, innovation and research projects

From October 21 to 27, Mazatlan will be the world headquarters of the Milset Expociencias Internacional 2023 “Our future in space”, which will bring together children, youth and adolescents aimed at scientific and technological training.

At a press conference, Roberto Hidalgo Rivas, president of the Milset International Movement for Scientific and Technical Recreation, reported that more than two thousand participants from 60 countries are expected to attend, in addition to 32 national state delegations.

The ages of the participants range from nine to 25 years. They will present science, technology, innovation and research projects in different areas of knowledge.

There will also be a visit from a NASA contingent with the aim of giving workshops and conferences.

At the debate table, young people will present their ideas on topics such as the moon, Mars and the planets of the solar system, space tourism, space debris, new materials and special jobs of the future, and the benefits of space exploration.

The projects on display will be from the areas of biological and health sciences, exact and applied sciences, environment and ecosystems, engineering, computer science and robotic applications, and social and knowledge sciences.

Hidalgo Rivas recalled that the first Milset expociencias took place in 1987, 36 years ago, in Canada and since then it has had several venues around the world and Mexico receives this year the great international event, after competing with cities from other countries like Russia and South Korea.

He also specified that the event is not competitive, that is, there will not be a winner as such, everyone will receive a medal and recognition, since all those who come to this event are already winners in their countries of origin and to have reached this stay, they went through different exposciences: regional, state and national.

The general public will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition and learn about the projects at no cost.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan