Mazatlan will host the cream of the country’s health sector


MAZATLÁN.- The massive events, congresses and conventions are being reactivated, especially those in the health sector, such as the Annual Meeting of the Mexican Society of Public Health, which will have Mazatlán as its headquarters and will bring together almost 300 doctors, doctors and nurses or nurses.  

The event will be held from June 15 to 18 and the cream of the country’s health sector will attend, where they will exchange post-pandemic strategies and points of view and other topics of interest within their branch.  

Carlos Robles Talavera, president of the Sinaloa Society of Public Health, announced the details of the event. In the Society there are, according to its official website, 34 affiliated societies, 24 technical sections, almost 4 thousand members and 54 institutions.  

The last meeting was held in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in 2021; in 2020 virtually, due to the pandemic, it has also been held in Pachuca, Hidalgo in 2019; Cancún, Quintana Roo, in 2018 and in 2017 León, Guanajuato was the venue.  

In the meeting held at the offices of the Ministry of Tourism, it was announced that, within the framework of the annual meeting of the Mexican Society of Public Health, the race for health, a bohemian night and conferences will be held, as part of the activities during the four days of the event that will have participants from different states of the country. 

Their mission is to influence the health of the Mexican population through health promotion strategies, disease control, advocacy for social and health problems of vulnerable groups, as well as promoting professional development and scientific knowledge of health through the creation of meeting and exchange forums between the different health professionals. 

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