Demolition work begins on the Plaza de Toros to build the WTC Mazatlan


Soil mechanics, hydrological, topographic and feasibility studies will be carried out for future projects on that property.

MAZATLÁN.- Given the obvious deterioration of the property that used to be the Plaza de Toros, demolition work and cleaning of the land began, with which it is sought to avoid risk factors for the community.

Álvaro Gutiérrez, director of Grupo Inmobiliario ARHE, GIA, indicated that they have the corresponding permits from the Municipal Government, which they requested to develop future projects such as World Trade Center Vertical City in that place.

“In the understanding that bullfights at the national level are already prohibited, we are going to make way to clean up that property for a future project to be developed, such as the WTC that is being developed,” he said.

An important part for new developments, he added, is to have clean construction land, which allows soil studies to be carried out for the feasibility of the project, which provide a more detailed mechanics and feasibility.

After the building is demolished, topographic, hydrological and soil mechanics studies will be carried out, he added.

Last September, Grupo ARHE announced that it obtained a franchise for the construction of a WTC, which will start in 2024 and will be done in four stages.

Source: Punto