Isla de la Puedra and its famous cocadas


Sinaloan gastronomy is more than just seafood, and a clear sample of this variety is found in the traditional desserts, being one of the richest and most demanded “cocadas”; which are a sweet appetizer made from grated coconut and sugar.

You can find them all over the tourist area, but you can find the best and most traditional ones in Isla de la Piedra, a place that is known for being one of the greatest creators of this succulent dessert.

Ernestina’s family is known for preparing them, she, her sister, and her daughters have dedicated themselves to selling cocadas for the last 20 years, and they are well known, because even tourists go directly to her house to buy them.

The preparation is very easy, yes, you have to choose hard coconuts, not tender ones because otherwise it won’t come out. The coconut is scratched, sugar is added, and other ingredients such as milk and egg yolk are mixed to adhere. They are painted in various colors, from green, red, brown, and even purple.

After a cooking period, it is left to rest, and this is how the cocadas are ready to enjoy. Most of them taste the same except for the brown ones, which precisely have a coffee flavor, and some have milk with raisins.

Of course, cocadas are not only prepared following a recipe; but they have their artisan process, a touch of love and passion that is felt when tasting one.

If you are on Isla de la Piedra and you want to buy it directly at Ernestina’s family house, you just have to ask for their cocadas and the locals will kindly guide you, their stall is located on the main avenue, about three blocks from the area of palapas. The price of the cocadas is 20 pesos a piece.