These are the Mañanitas for ‘El Chapo’: Relatives throw a party in Culiacán


The Culiacán public security authorities were unaware of this fact and only limited themselves to pointing out that it was a family reunion.

CULIACÁN, Sinaloa.- This week, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán turned 66… while being held in a United States prison. That did not prevent a family from Culiacán from celebrating him in a residential suburb of this capital.

According to a video of a few seconds released by that family, they organized a barbecue and hired “Chirrines” (in Sinaloa, groups of guitarists who play narco corridos).

Already at dawn on Tuesday, the attendees asked Los Chirrines to play Las Mañanitas because it was the kingpin’s birthday. And so, the night passed in that residence on Isla Musalá, a luxurious subdivision located to the east of Culiacán where residences with a value of more than 10 million pesos and apartment buildings whose rent ranges between 15 and 20 thousand pesos per month predominate.

The attendees set up a table on the sidewalk of Universitarios Avenue and placed three cakes and some bottles of Buchanan whiskey to indicate that it was the birthday of the former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

In the rest of the city there were no other events related to the “Chapo” celebration, since the city remained relatively calm and this Wednesday woke up practically desolate, because most of the inhabitants went on vacation and many moved to Mazatlán, the Altata and Guasave beaches, the closest to the capital.

The public security authorities of Culiacán were not aware of this fact and only limited themselves to pointing out that it was a family reunion in a residence on Isla Musalá and from there it did not go any further.

Does ‘El Chapo’ have a chance of returning to Mexico?

Mariel Colón Miro, lawyer for the capo and his wife, Emma Coronel, spoke about the future of the drug trafficker and his wife, who are being held in different prisons in the United States.

The 30-year-old lawyer pointed out that there is no possibility that the drug trafficker’s sentence will be reduced. However, she confirmed that Guzmán Loera’s lawyers in Mexico are seeking to have him extradited to our country to serve his sentence in a Mexican prison.

“The criminal legal process (of Joaquín Guzmán) has already ended, but now we have two open civil processes where we are fighting to improve his confinement conditions, because we understand that they are inhumane,” the lawyer told Milenio.

Source: El Financiero