Do you want to have a Safe Holy Week? Obey the instructions of Civil Protection


Eloy Ruiz considers that self-care is a fundamental part of the preventive strategy, in this way incidents can be avoided as soon as you leave home

Mazatlán, Sin.- Are you going to go on vacation at Easter? The Municipal Government, the Ministry of Public Safety and Transit and the Coordination of Civil Protection of Mazatlán make a series of recommendations so that your rest period does not have setbacks and you return home safely.

The Civil Protection Coordinator, Eloy Ruiz Gastelum, detailed the most important forecasts that you should have before leaving:

  • You must disconnect non-essential electrical items to avoid a short circuit.
  • Close gas installation faucets.
  • Close your home well and leave it in charge of a trusted relative or neighbor, this will help prevent it from being the target of a robbery.

The municipal official indicated that if they are going to travel by road, they should take into account checking the five points of your vehicle; avoid driving while tired, under the influence of alcoholic beverages or using a cell phone; the little ones must travel in the back of the vehicle and with the seat belt on.

Ruiz Gastélum recommended that once in the tourist destination, it is important to locate the site where they are going to be installed, knowing the roads can prevent accidents.

And if they are going to visit public recreation areas, they must abide by the indications such as wearing comfortable clothes, staying hydrated, for the beach area it is important to analyze the board that announces the color of flags, in addition to the fact that the lifeguard staff shares recommendations to avoid incidents, but the most important recommendation is to respect schedules and avoid entering the sea after ingesting alcoholic beverages and/or food.

He said that the authorities involved in the Safe Holy Week 2023 Operation are prepared to attend to those who visit us, looking for them to take a good image of Mazatlán and return every year.

Source: Linea Directa