Cyclist policemen return to take care of the Historic Center of Mazatlán


When inaugurating the command of the Historic Center, they announce special police elements, as well as the placement of cameras to take care of the inhabitants of this area in Mazatlán; mayor will recruit more police.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The entire area of the Historic Center of Mazatlán will have a bicycle police command that will be in charge of monitoring by means of bicycles and motorcycles, in addition to the use of security cameras, to guarantee the safety of all the inhabitants of this area of the port of Sinaloa.

The president of the Governing Council of the Historic Center of Mazatlán, Amado Guzmán Reynaud, said that these police will be made up of 20 police officers plus the commander and will have their spacious offices on Ángel Flores street.

Likewise, he highlighted the empathy that they are showing with the police force that will be in charge of the security of this entire area of Mazatlán, which is a tourist reference in the municipality.

“This police station was made entirely with funds from the councilors, we did not bother the Presidency with anything, only with the will that they give us this police force, we started with 20 elements, we provided them with bicycles, motorbikes, the physical conditioning, we started with 15 cameras that are already being installed, the uniforms, a special telephone lane that was contracted so the neighbors can call and get an answer from the center and quickly attend to them ”.

Accompanied by the mayor Édgar González Zataráin and the Municipal Public Security Secretary, Jaime Othoniel Barrón Valdez, the businessman Guzmán Reynaud, proposed to replicate this police model in other sectors of the city, such as the Golden Zone or popular neighborhoods, that is, to return to the neighborhood police, in addition to sending him some requests from the same board of trustees to the city council, such as providing some 50 security cameras to monitor all the streets in this sector.

In addition, he asked the municipal president for 10 more police elements, as well as the purchase of more security cameras, that this police force is already stipulated within the law, that is, that it pass its institutionality through the city council, and modify the Police and Good Government, because the neighbors are already tired noise pollution, graffiti, and garbage.

For his part, Mayor Édgar González Zataráin announced the replication of the security camera program not only in the Historic Center, but in the rest of the city, and to achieve this, they already have a list of businessmen, citizens and organizations interested in participating in placement in the urban area, especially in places with a large influx of people, such as the Buenito Juárez neighborhood.

“We have a deficiency to hire more police officers, we opened a call to recruit and right now they are recruiting in a first call 200 elements of about 300 applications, I hope those 200 pass the academy exam, hopefully.”

Mayor González Zataráin announced that they intend to restore the police booths, that many of them have been taken over by criminals and are operated by criminals, because the problem is that there are no police elements to put them there.

He informed that they would look for how to support the police elements that will be in charge of the security of the Historical Center.

Source: Linea Directa